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Here are some of my favorite
resources for hairstylists.

Gaining New Clients

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Transform into a confident hairstylist and increase your local awareness so that more people know who you are!

  • Instagram

  • Google Business

  • Referral program

  • New client incentives

  • Facebook groups

  • Local marketing

Blonding Techniques

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Color Educators

Adrienne Dara- The Lightning Library

Ashlee Norman- Ashlee Norman Hair

Sally Lemmo- Hair Boss University

Hair Color Palette

Business Building 

Britt Seva- Thrivers Society

Nina Tulio- Make That Money Course

Jamie Dana- The Social Stylist

Laptop Work

Hair Cutting Techniques

Jacob Khan- Fancy Hairdressers

Sonna Brado- Serious Beauty

Matt Beck- Free Salon Education 

Scissors and Comb

Podcasts for Hairstylists

The Thriving Stylist Podcast

No Stylist Left Behind

Samantha's Beauty Confessions

The Social Stylist

The Modern Hairstylist Podcast

The In-Demand Hairstylist 

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