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Level Up Lab | Target Market Marketing Strategies for Cosmetologists.

Welcome back! In the last 2 classes, we talked all about Instagram & Facebook.

If you missed those, be sure to head back and catch what you missed.

If you want to learn more about your Instagram Profile, Instagram Captions, or your Facebook Business Profile I've got you covered!

Today we are going to dive into the topic of Target Market and how you can attract your dream client to your business.

Every business has an ideal customer and your business is no different.

When you started the beauty industry you probably had a vision as to what type of hair stylist you wanted to become.

You had a dream client before you even started seeing clients.

You had an idea of who you wanted to work with and who you did not.

I'm going to explain what an ideal client or target market client is, what you need to know about them, and how to get them in your chair.

Investopedia says "a target market is a group of people that have been identified as the most likely potential customers for a product because of their shared characteristics such as age, income, and lifestyle."

In order for a business to market effectively, it must figure out who its ideal customer is and all the details about that person.

When it comes to you and who your target market is, that is where you need to do some work.

Every stylist has a different TM but all of us have to go through the process of determining who this client is.

If you could do 1-2 services all day long and not feel drained and still be happy, what would it be?

Your ideal client should want what you are offering so let's get started on identifying that client.

For the rest of this exercise, I want you to envision a fictional client and just imagine who they would be.

We are simply creating a dream client so we can start to focus our marketing efforts on them.

If you don't know who this person might be, these next few questions may inspire you to start thinking and you can come back later to answer them.


Who is your ideal client? What are their gender, age, and marital status?

Do they work from home or at the office?

Do they require weekend appointments or can they come any time during the week?

Do they have a family or are they living a single life?


What brands do they wear?

What do they do in their free time?

What services do they desire?

What values do they possess?

What is their income level?

What colors attract them?


Where do they hang out on social media?

Where do they like to shop?

Where would you likely find them on the weekend?

Where do they live?

How does all this come together?

We need to know if we are marketing to a woman or a man, a married stay-at-home Mom, or a single traveling nurse.

If you want to attract a certain client then you must first identify that client.

Once you know who you are trying to attract then you can start to focus on what services they would want.

Do they desire a lived-in blonde look or are they more of a creative color client?

Do they live & die by extensions or are they a pixie cut chick?

Do you see how we are dialing in on who this client is and what they want?

Next, we can move on to their lifestyle.

Do they go to the gym?

Do they attend church?

Do they like to shop?

Do they spend their time with family or their friends?

Are they on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok?

Knowing what social media platform your ideal client spends their time on is important because this is where you will find them.

If your ideal client is a 22-year-old college blonde who loves beachy waves and Starbucks, chances are she is where most girls her age are, TikTok or Instagram.

She may not be on Facebook so you may not want to focus all your marketing efforts there.

Last, what can you offer them or what problem can you solve for them?

I truly think that if you can solve a problem the client didn't know that they had, then you have won them over!

This problem can be small and easy to fix but you helped them in a way that no one else has.

You added value to their life and that is what sets you apart from the rest of the stylists in your city.

Now, how do you get this ideal client in your chair?

All of your marketing efforts need to be focused on this particular client.

If you post a product how-to Reel, you need to think about how this video would help this client.

If you post an infographic you created on Canva, then have your ideal client in mind.

Remember, you're trying to help solve a problem. Be creative and think of a typical problem they would have.

If you refer back to the Instagram Level Up Lab, you can check out some of my posts where I tell you exactly how I attract my ideal client.

You can see what my caption states, my call to action, and my local hashtags.

These exercises may take some time to complete and that's ok.

Just start to think about this ideal client and how you can help them. If you can do that, then you've got a client for life!

If you need some guidance on this topic, please email me at:

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