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How to Give an Amazing Client Experience-Growing Your Career in Cosmetology.

Have you ever walked into a business and no one came up to greet you or even called out from behind the counter, "Hey! How's it going?" They never offered any suggestions on shoes or accessories to go with the new outfit that you had selected.

They never tried to engage with you, ask if you were shopping for a special event or if you were just shopping for retail therapy.

Well, that may be what clients feel like if you never greet them, talk to them, offer your suggestions on retail products, or even give them a pleasurable salon experience.

If you are wanting your existing clients to refer their friends and family to you then honey, you've got to level up on client experience and become referral worthy.

Give them something to rave about, something that adds value to their typical haircut appointment so they feel important and beautiful.

Everyone has that special thing that sets them apart and you have to find yours but until then, here are a few ideas that may just be what you need to start seeing those new client requests rolling in.

Greeting Clients

Greet Clients by Their Name

When you are expecting a new client to come in, greet them at the door and say their name.

Welcome them with a warm smile and show them around the salon.

Explain where they can find beverages, point out that you sell retail products, and make sure they know where the restroom is located.

Try to make them feel as welcome as possible.


Give every client a fresh consultation, no matter how long you have been their hairstylist.

Ask them questions and listen to what they are saying.

Repeat what you hear to them so that there is 100% clarity.

Ask to see inspirational photos so you can see what the client likes or doesn't like.

Thorough Consultation

If the client uses "hairstylist" language but shows photos that contradict their words, bring out the color swatches so they can see the difference in tones and levels.

Many "redos" can be prevented with a thorough consultation so do not worry about taking 10-15 minutes to discuss your client's hair goals.

After my consultation, I offer the client water or a cup of coffee before I start mixing their "potion" as I like to call it!


Offering water, coffee, and free Wi-Fi to guests is standard practice these days, and clients expect these amenities.

What can you or your salon offer clients that maybe no other salon in your area is offering or what can you offer clients that are next level?

You could offer a hot towel treatment with the client's choice of essential oils, a warm blanket while the client is processing, play the client's choice of music, and offer small snacks, candy, gum, or mints.

If your guest is coming in for a lunchtime appointment, offer to order them food so they can have lunch while they're in the salon.

All of these suggestions are thoughtful and personal and make the client feel special and valued.

Coffee Bar for Clients


During the client's service, ask them about their life, career, and family.

Try to get the client to talk so they feel the conversation is going well.

Studies show that when two people are in a conversation, the person talking the most typically feels the conversation is going well. With that said, get your client to talk!

Avoid oversharing your drama with clients, or gossiping about people or other clients.

Shampoo Experience

Most clients say that their favorite part of their salon visit is the shampoo experience.

This is your time to show your client some TLC by giving them a wonderful shampoo and massage.

Shampoo Experience

Explain to them what shampoo you use, its function, and why you love it.

Be sure to massage their temples, neck, and the pressure points on their scalp.

If you want to go a step further and offer a hot towel wrap infused with essential oils, or a hand massage, then go for it!

Style Lesson

An excellent way to add value to your guest experience is to teach the client how to duplicate their style at home by giving them a lesson in your chair.

Show them what retail products you used on them and explain why that product is best for their hair type or style.

Demonstrate how to use those products as well so they can duplicate the look at home. Teach them how to round brush, flat iron, or curl their hair.

Teach it all!

Hair Curling Lesson

You might think every client knows how to style their hair but they don't so you need to educate them.


Asking your client to come back to see you is the same as asking your house guest to come back for another visit because you two had such a great time. I typically say this,

"I'd love to see you again, let's book your next appointment. I suggest we schedule you in 6-7 weeks to maintain the service you received today. Are this day and time normally good for you or does another time work better?"

I invited the client back, told them their maintenance schedule, and asked them for availability.

Letting clients leave without pre-booking their next appointment does not set up your future income.

If you want a more consistent income and peace of mind about your finances, then asking your clients to return is necessary.

Thank You Email or Text

After a new client comes in or an existing client makes a huge change, I always email or text them.

New clients receive a beautiful Thank You email expressing my gratitude for helping me grow my business, other services I offer, the details of my referral program, and my digital referral card to share with their friends.

If they are an existing client, I typically text them to ask how they like their new color or cut and to show them that I genuinely care about them.

Client Receiving Email

I also remind my guests about my referral program and send them a digital card.

I ask all of my clients to leave me a 5-star Google review so I can increase my local brand awareness and establish social proof of just how bad a$$ I am!

Referral Worthy

There are hundreds of talented hairstylists in your city but why do your clients choose you?

It's simple, they like YOU! Your clients adore you and love how they feel while in your chair and when they leave.

We as hairstylists, need to focus on how our clients feel while they are with us because this is why they refer their friends or why they don't.

If the stylist fails to make their guest feel special, beautiful, heard, and pampered, then the guest may not return and they certainly will not send their friends to that stylist.

Give your clients a personal, memorable, and sensational salon experience so that they fall in love with you and send their friends to you.

Implementing these Client Experience suggestions may take some time and some of these may require you to talk to your salon owner.

See their opinion on how the salon can level up the client experience so everyone can win!

Remember, these suggestions may not work for everyone, but you have the creative license to design your own client experience plan.

When you add value, personal connection, and superb professionalism to your client's time while in the salon, you are increasing the perceived value of your services which can result in a higher demand for your time and ultimately justifies your pricing.

Have fun, be creative, and challenge yourself!

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