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Growing Your Salon Business by Using Google Business

Over the course of my 18 years of being a Cosmetologist, I have tried many ways to gain new clients.

Some tactics worked and I gained a few new clients here and there while some strategies were a complete flop!

I have recently been receiving numerous new client requests through my Google Business Profile.

At first, I thought that this could not possibly work for me because the majority of my target market was on social media and not Google.

Well, let me tell you something: I was wrong!

The Tea on Google Business

Sixty-four percent of consumers look for contact information on a business's Google Business page.

If you want your business to appear in consumer searches, don't sleep on this great opportunity.

Consumers' behavior is evolving and you want your business to evolve too.

What you did 2 years ago to gain new salon clients is not going necessarily get you new business today.

You have to grow and do things differently than you have ever done in order to create change.

How are you going to do that?

In short, start a Google Business Profile.

This account is free to use, simple to set up and update, and perfect for local small businesses.

I love Google Business because when a user types 'near me' in their search, Google will show your listing and where you are located on maps.

The search is based on proximity, meaning the user doesn't have to use keywords to find you. Users can even find you using the Google Maps app.

Most smartphones have Google as the default search engine, meaning clients finding you has never been easier. I mean, who doesn't own a smartphone nowadays?

To start your listing, you will need a Google email. Take the time to complete all the business information, such as location, business hours, services offered, and photos of your salon and your work.

Using keywords (words that your dream client searches for) in the description of your listing and photos helps your searchability and also increases your Google ranking.

Use keyword-rich content that describes your business and what services you offer so that you become more discoverable. ex: city, balayage, highlights, and retail sold in your salon.

The description should include the city or area you work in, your years of experience, your specialties, and any unique services that you want clients to know you offer.

This may take a little creativity on your part so try to plug in words that clients would use and not Cosmetology lingo.

Enter all the basic information including location, phone, services offered, hours, and website.

Make sure you share photos of the exterior and interior of your salon business.

This shows Google that you are in fact a legit business.

Upload photos of your branded logo, photos of your work, and a branded cover photo if you wish.

This next step is very important. You will need to verify your address by having a

postcard delivered. If you have a home salon, you can hide your address later.

Once the postcard comes in, log in to your Google Business account to enter the code contained in the postcard. You may be given the option to have an emailed verification process happen which is fine but you still need to grab the code that Google sends you.

Once your business is verified, you are free to customize all the features such as adding an update, adding an offer, and turning on messaging if you want.

Updates are similar to social media posts where you can add a caption to your photo or video.

List any special descriptions about your business that customers may search for such as women-owned, wheelchair-accessible, free Wi-Fi, appointment requirements, and types of payments you accept.

Download this Google Business Checklist to make sure you didn't miss a step.

Google Business Checklist-2
Download PDF • 31KB

Another reason why I love this free service is that clients can leave you reviews! The majority of the public trusts the opinion of complete strangers due to reading an online review.

When your clients leave you great reviews, your credibility and authority within your area increases.

You should consistently add content to your Google listing such as photos, reply to reviews, and even upload an offer for a new client.

This shows that you are active on the platform which Google likes!

Google also shows your analytics for your listing, telling you what keywords people search to find you and getting insights on calls, reviews, bookings, and more to understand how your business connects with customers.

Now, have I caught your attention?

Sign up for your free Google Business account below and get started today!

Download this Google Business Checklist to make sure you didn't miss a step.

Google Business Checklist-2
Download PDF • 31KB

Have you been struggling to get new business to your chair?

Believe me, I have been in your shoes one too many times. But I am here to guide you so you don't get too frustrated.

I have created a guide to help you attract new salon clients to your business and get your books filled with your dream clients!

Head to the Resources page to grab my free guide!

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