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5 Ways to Lose a Client-What Not to Do in the Salon Business.

As cosmetologists, we are constantly looking for ways to gain new clients so we can grow an established clientele. We try all the suggested tips to gain new clients but no one is talking about how to keep these new clients. If we want them to become loyal clients that consistently come every 6 weeks then we should be trying just as hard to keep them as we are to gain them.

Over my 18 years of slaying hair, I have seen clients leave for many reasons. Some of those reasons are because of the client's situation and some reasons are 100% the stylist's fault. Some of the following ways may trigger you but hey! I'm here to help you avoid the mistakes that I made. Some of these crimes I shamefully admit to but I have done my penance and I am a reformed hairstylist! Let me share with you how to lose a client.

  1. Not respecting the client's time

Running late or running long on appointments will ultimately aggravate a client and if they feel that their time is not being respected, they will find another stylist who can run on time. If you run long on appointments causing the client to be late themselves, chances are they will grow tired of this and possibly find another hairstylist.

2. Not returning their calls or texts

This goes without a lot of explanation. If the client feels that you are ghosting them, and not calling them back, they will find another hairstylist who wants their business. I know you can get busy during the day however you need to take 30 mins to reply to texts or calls to clients. This is part of your job.

3. Saying offensive things

I've been known to let a word slip out here and there and I've gotten sideways looks from it too. Cussing like a sailor in any business is not professional and likely will offend clients. Potty words are not the only words that will tick off a client. Discussing political views, drama of any kind, or catty gossip will turn off clients because they don't want to listen to that.

4. Drama

Clients can see, hear and feel the drama, plus it has a bad energy and clients can feel that. If you are always chatting about he-said-she-said drama, then don't be surprised when you lose a client. Save it for your Mama or your bestie and keep the conversations on the floor peaceful. Your clients come to the salon to relax and be pampered. Don't ruin their experience with gossip or immature behavior.

5. Chronic canceller

Do you get aggravated when a client constantly asks to reschedule or cancel their appointment? I mean, they cancel more times than they commit to. Well, the same goes for you. If you are consistently canceling clients due to unforeseen circumstances, then a client will start to look for a more reliable hairstylist. It's a 2-way street and sometimes we lose clients because we are not reliable in their eyes.

If you could put just as much effort and consideration into keeping your clients and not just gaining new ones, then you will be fine. We can't become complacent and treat our existing clients like they don't matter anymore. Making small changes in yourself and your business, for the better, will help you grow not only as a hairstylist but as a human as well.

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